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Real LIFE Feeding Program

Saturday Feeding Program

Every Saturday, the Real LIFE Foundation conducts feeding programs for approximately 100 malnourished children. These children range from 3 - 14 years of age and come from squatter communities in Pasig and Makati in Metro Manila.


Many children from the squatter areas eat a lot of rice but do not get the protein and nutrients that a young child needs -- not just for their growth but also for proper brain development. As a result, most of the children are underweight and many suffer from diet-related illnesses. Our feeding program strives to provide nutritious food that the children will like (and therefore eat), so that they will gain weight and their overall health will improve.


You can sponsor one Saturday feeding program and provide a delicious and nutritious high protein meal for 100 malnourished children for just P5,000 (approx US$ 108). 


If you would like to give toward our feeding program, please click here.


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Real LIFE Foundation is a christian NGO that exists to serve the poor and empower their dreams through educational assistance, character development and community service.

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